09:00 CEST

Today’s ride continues along the E6 road and starts out with a significant hill climb to the first session location which is planned for near Gildetun.


12:30 CEST

Today’s performance and video shoot will take place at the summit of the mountain.

Team setting up

16:00 CEST

At 70km we hit our first injury of the journey. Lionel’s knee is starting to give way and requires some time off with an ice pack. Everyone else takes a break for cokes and coffee.

Lionel's knee gives way

18:30 CEST

The ride pulls into Olderdalen after 106km of hard cycling which included two large climbs. The band took a break to record a wonderful performance of ‘Ar Maen Bihan’, filmed overlooking the fjords. Cheers.

Tomorrow’s ride starts at 10:00 CEST

July 9, 2015