Eusa, Yann Tiersen’s new book of sheet music for piano, is published today.

These pieces of music were composed at Yann’s home on Ushant Island – also known as Eusa in Breton – off the coast of Brittany. Each song relates to a specific place on the island and is accompanied by a GPS co-ordinate and a photograph of the site taken by Emilie Quinquis. A series of field recordings was also made at each of the locations, and these can be heard at It is Yann’s intention that Eusa should be its own self-contained world and that, rather than be released as an album, these pieces of music should come alive for the performer when played alongside the field recordings.

Although there will not be a Eusa album, Yann has recorded one track from the collection. ‘Porz Goret’ is released today on iTunes and Spotify.

Buy the ‘Porz Goret’ sheet music as a download

Buy the Eusa sheet music book

In May next year you will also be able to see Yann Tiersen perform Eusa live in its entirety as he embarks on his first solo tour for a decade.

December 17, 2015