Eusa Book & Field recording image

Only 250 copies available

In December, Yann Tiersen released EUSA, a book of ten new piano scores based on his home Island of Ouessant. Each of the ten tracks comes with a field recording containing natural sounds of wind, rain and the sea, recorded on location by Yann Tiersen – playing the piano piece at home along with the field recording completes the work.

Now for the first time, Yann Tiersen is releasing a very limited edition vinyl of the natural field recordings to go with the piano book. The vinyl is opaque blue color limited to 250 being sold online direct through Yann Tiersen’s own store. Buy on its own or in a discounted bundle with Eusa Piano book.

Important Note
This vinyl record does not contain any music. It contains ten field recordings of natural sounds recorded by Yann Tiersen designed specifically to accompany the Eusa piano pieces.


April 14, 2016